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Errors and glitches...

I apologise if there's already a thread for this, but I thought it might be useful to have one where we can post any errors or bugs we run into.

I joined a few days ago and I just noticed that on the Kana Pages, some of the katakana listed are wrong. So far I've spotted that the characters for pu, po, rya, kyo and bya aren't the katakana, but the corresponding hiragana instead.

I hope this doesn't come off as rude or presumptuous; I'm just thinking that if we all keep our eyes out for potential mis-listings or typos, then it'd make things smoother for people.
posted by ABrokenPencil

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  • Stray_Mongrel
    Yeah, this is the place to point that stuff out, I wouldn't worry about anyone being offended. I'm sure it'll get fixed when there is time.
  • miikanchii
    umm...how come I can't hear the examples? like, the picture of the speakers?
  • spanz
    miikanchii, it seems the sounds work only in FireFox. Beeant is trying to fix it.
  • woonie
  • spanz
    Hello, woonie!
    Sorry, but that image doesn't show any bug (or I can't see it).
    The good answer should be the first (不足する)
    The others mean:
    合格する-pass (e.g. an exam)
    What's exactly the bug?
  • beeant

    I am sorry,
    Yes I think that it is not a bug.
    But it is also a problem from JCJP, not from you.

    The problem could be, you answer the question when the server is being restarted.
    Thank You,
  • stouvrikos
    Before a bit when I tried to login my account it didn't login with my account, but with someone's else account!!! What will now happen?? I'm innocent!!!!