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sound files

i know this has been posted before, but i cannot play sound files.
i have the latest opera and firefox (i even instaled firefox on windows 7, the other one is on xp) but i still cannot listen to the sound files.
i also tried google translate's sound files and it seems to work there (sometimes)

awesome website by the way, hope i can motivate myself enough to learn some japanese (i lack motivation in everything x.x) wish the sound files would work so i could learn how to pronounciate the words
posted by cristi999

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  • spanz
    Hmmm... Latest Opera and Firefox should play the sounds fine.
    The current voice system is pretty slow. It uses a free but slow external service to synthesize the voice, so it takes several seconds to complete. Probably too slow. Maybe you're too impatient.
    Other than that, I'm out of ideas. Windows 7 doesn't make a difference for this matter. All Xp and 7 sould work.
    Google Translate voice is quite faster than our current system, but they haven't Japanese voice yet. :(
    Anyway, Google's voice should always sound (not 'sometimes'). That's really odd.

    Don't force yourself to get motivation. Learning should be fun, and trust me, Japanese is addicting.
  • cristi999
    well, you were right about me not being patient ^^ although using win 7 might also help, but i can't tell right now...thanks for the tip ^^