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I'm new to the website

Nice to meet you.
Is this a good website to start learning Japanese? I've been studying some hiragana before this so I was curious if this would help out even more. :S
posted by Pavy

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  • Gituska
    Hi! Yes, it is a great place to improve your knowledge and related skills ad libitum. Very catchy way of learning. Anime openings with proper karaoke are great study materials. I had started that way, so I joined JCJP to have more complex playground. About six month later I scared to death a shamisen player by fierce megamix of his own language. His loyal salarymen squard produced
    A VERY SILENT SILENCE (fffffff).
  • sobapan
    I just joined today and I have to say I'm loving this site. It's a very innovative way of learning via a website. I wish there were more sites like this for other languages as well.
  • Pavy
    Yeah I like this site a lot it's not so cluttered and it looks nice :D
    so far I've gotten all of the hiragana remembered now I need to work on katakana.
    Thanks for replying! I was hoping someone was still on here :)
  • Gituska
    @sobapan: yeah... you can switch the language and build up its vocabulary that way, english-> japanese-> no.3
    @Pavy: Good luck during study. Sometimes, I tend to jump in bulletin to read what´s on, but often forget to give a proper answer for being so busy in the other reality.
  • Olly
    Hey Pavy.

    I've learnt Hiragana also and need to learn Katakana... haven't started yet but can't help thinking it's going to be a challenge!
  • Xagito
    What's up, Pavy

    I've also just joined this site. It will certainly help you improve your skills. Even though I had knowledge prior to joining the site, it really helped me brush up on a lot of things I forgot. I'm sure you'll get a lot out of it as well! ^w^
  • Pavy
    Thank you for the reply's.
    You guys are inspirational \(^_^)/
  • Udosan
    I'm new 2! I think this site is cool cause it feeds off ppls competitive nature making you learn when you might just be trying to rank up!lol