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Lived in japan for a while and still cant speak it!

Ive been in JP for 2 years now. I don't use JP at work so never really seen a reason for learning it. Plus my gf use to do all the translation when English and charades weren't enough. But we split so now i need to snap to it and learn some nihongo. I have a real advantage living in JP and being here for a while plus watching JP T.V. So if any one has advise for me to follow I would be happy to humor you.

Ben, ja ne
posted by benben

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  • Gituska
    Do you know AJATT - All Japanese All The Time? In fact, it is based on the finest fusion of life-couching methods (aka universal recipe how to become best in whatever you want, featuring that hardworking maniac part, which is more japanese than Japan).
  • Seulette
    I agree with Gitsuka, AJATT is brilliant.
  • senseinube

    i love 2 hardwork :D
  • WillemStyle
    Do some of your coworkers talk japanese?

    I would suggest you to ask them to say simple things in japanese to you instead of english, and translate them afterwards if you cannot understand it.

    I agree you have a huge advantage when living in Japan. I wish i had that kind of advantage too..