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Japanese language survey! (Please Help!)

Hi everyone. I don't really know the rules for this, but I'm in a tight spot and could use some help. I have this survey for a Linguistics class I'm taking and I need to find some people to take it.


It's about 自分, and anybody (learner or native speaker) would be doing me a huge favor by taking it. Sorry again if I'm breaking some kinda rule here.
posted by aelshen

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  • JanetMerai
    You should be the one to solve it since you are in a linguistics class.
    If you need advice or suggestions to help you understand it, that is okay to me.

    As an artist, I would never let someone draw for me to correct me.
  • aelshen
    Hmm, I may have given the wrong impression! I actually wrote the whole thing, and I need to get as many people as I can to take it. It's part of a study that I need to do for my class. Looking at my post now it totally looks like I'm trying to get someone to do an assignment for me >.< Sorry!