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Can we get vocabulary tests to match kanji with their hiragana readings?

A problem I am having with remembering kanji is I remember the way they sound much easier than the way they look. If I see a kanji written out in hiragana underneath it I will always be able to read the hiragana and know the meaning, even if I dont recognize the kanji.

Pick the correct reading.


A. がくせい
B. いしゃ
C. しゅふ

Then the next question could be...

Pick the correct meaning.


A. Student
B. Doctor
C. School

This would help me learn how to recognize and pronounce the kanji.
posted by shatteredzman

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  • beeant
    This is a good idea.

    I will try to implement it on the next version of JCJP.

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    I'm sorry that I can't really code it right away, I am currently busy with my University right now.. ><
  • JanetMerai
    I actually learned the hard way a trick to knowing the reading to a Kanji is to actually consider the Kanji's meaning in both syllables.

    If you have gakusei, think of its meaning.
    gaku is often a school, sei means life, school life.
    That means "Student" by memory.
    Now multiply the meanings by around thousands in different combinations... think of your typical phone-book, that's your research right there :3

    The more you think of the actual syllables and not memorizing every bit of furigana helps you think in terms of a system than keeping it simple.

    Like "okane," the "o" is honorific, "kane," means "gold" so if you think about it, ordinary gold is "kane" while its meaning is "Money," so honorific money would make sense if you think of the systematical structure :3