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Option to disable multiple choice

Multiple choice is good, but bad because you can answer right by just looking at answers and throwing out obviously wrong ones. While dictionary and reverse dictionary probably don't have other choice, because there's always several ways to translate the same word, in both directions, it'd be nice to be able to disable choice list in kanji practice (because there's one and only reading for most words) and make your head work a bit. After all, you don't get multiple choice when reading actual Japanese :D
posted by slevir

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  • Mistwalker
    I agree that 4 options is abit limited as you can deduce the answer alot of the time. Would also like it if we could increase that as well to 5 - 8 options??

    The problem with that would be how the answer is accepted when typed. I would much prefer to type in kana and not romaji but ideally it would be accept both Kana and romaji as it if it was just one or the other then it would discriminate against people.

    There are actually some kanji which have multiple readings with just the ending hiragana change so that would need to be included as well.
  • slevir
    if you clearly decide on kana-roma pattern, there won't be a problem with input. There still are verbs with the same kanji, different okurigana and similar meanings, though...
  • beeant
    This is a good idea to hide multiple choice options for only Kanji questions.

    Actually JCJP already has answer by typing (only for practice section)

    Is that typing feature is good enough?
    I just need to make a button where you can disable multiple choice option right? (just like disabling/enabling autoplay sound)
  • slevir
    it's good, but guess it'd be nice to have a little help, or probably the whole conversion table somewhere near it (if it wasn't for my experience with different input systems I'd never think that ぃ is entered as xi, for example)
    also, while we're talking about it, it'd help to convert the last n to ん on submit, because, you know, it feels pretty unnatural to end words with nn ^)
    but, there's still a problem we discussed earlier, for example, the word 工場, which is both こうじょう and こうば, and if you don't see possible answers you have just to guess which one is there... The idea to make more answers to choose from is good too, like hard difficulty