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Games anyone?

My name is Kurtis, I've been lurking around here for a bit, using the site less than I probably should be.(I... suck at making my self practice japanese.) I have about 3 terms of Japanese under my belt. Im also a fairly shy person by nature which makes what Im posting a bit awkward.

I've been thinking it'd be useful if I could find like minded individuals who want speaking partners to practice with, Now I personally find it hard to use most sites that offer that type of thing but I figured what if I started a group of people who like to play multiplayer games?

I have quite a few coop games I play as well as PVP if anyone is interesting in playing games while practicing.(Or just practicing, doesn't matter to me) if we get a group going, I wouldn't be against paying for a voice chat server of some type.(Mumble, teamspeak, ventrilo.)

Anyways games I play currently if anyone is interested in the idea.(Post what you play too, I can always buy more games or download them)

Team Fortress 2(Free to play on steam)
Left 4 dead 2(Recently bought, its like $10 on steam)
League of Legends(Free to play)
Terraria($10 on Steam)
Minecraft($20 on their site)
Mount & Blade Warband(Not sure on the price for this one)
World of Warcraft(Everyone knows what this is. I don't play currently but if we got people interested in making a guild I'd gladly return.)

Anyways, anyone interested in gaming for japanese expertise?:P

Also, apologies if this is in the wrong place, I'm not entirely sure.
posted by syrinori

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  • JanetMerai
    I think you should try researching Japanese vocabulary and audio, seriously.
    The few times I have had talking with native Japanese speakers online was a disaster because they are very impatient and I didn't realize how BAD I was at knowing a proper conversation.
    This encouraged me to do better and practice Japanese speech, that will help you than wasting time online playing games because you go back to your safety net by using your native language anyway.

    Also, a study buddy in the same culture and language learning Japanese is a BAD BAD BAD idea, considering they don't have the mindset of a Japanese person.

    Play actual games in Japanese, not English.
    Say you play a Japanese with the option of Japanese, USE it.
    Most Japanese sentences are extremely context based and use images and ways of helping the person understand it.

    I played games in Japanese and felt myself getting better, especially if you have a dictionary.
    What I do is every-time I see a Kanji or vocabulary in Japanese I forgot, I look it up and learn it because when you encounter vocab in real life, its usually important ones.

    Just open your mind to new things, the same pattern will only make your studies 100x harder lol