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Irritating Ad Noises

I love the site but PLEASE PLEASE get rid of ads that have annoying sounds!! Almost everytime the kanji practice page reloads there is this
annoying sound (I think it comes from the smiley ad or something). It sounds something like "Go Away" in a squeaky little voice, this makes it pretty frustrating to try to study with music playing or anytime your sound is not muted. I understand you guys have to pay the bills but that noise is driving me insane!! Sorry to complain, I will just mute my speakers. Anyway thanks for one of the best Kanji study sites ever.
posted by yowamushi

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  • Eyeball_Kid
    If you're using Firefox or Chrome then install Adblock http://adblockplus.org/en/
  • yowamushi
    Right on, thanks for the info. I kinda knew there was a simple solution, I didn't really need to complain, haha thanks.
  • JanetMerai
    I agree, and some AD makers are becoming wiser about how their ADs are even placed, made or used to the point where ad-blocking is not useful anymore.

    The noises are to grab your attention and make sure you are interested in it at all.
    (By the way, in-case no one is aware of it, most of these ADs are scams to begin with, so why they exist is beyond me)
    Its annoying and has no relation to the site what-so-ever, but in a free site, who can complain?