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How to add friends

How do we add friends that we know? Is there a search function for usernames? My an my gf can't figure it out and we feel silly... thank you anyone.
posted by TheKrempist

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  • Mistwalker
    Click on the persons name to bring up their profile then there is a big button to the top right which says "add <Insert name> as friend" which will send a request to that person who has to accept it.
  • TheKrempist
    How do I search for my friend though? Is the only way to call them and tell them to click on me on this post? There is no way! >.<
  • Mistwalker
    I don't think there is a way to search for members. But you could manually look through the ranks. easiest way is to check Rank>today exp ranking if you know they've been on. If not then if you know how many exp they have trawl through the 700 odd pages looking for them >_< good luck either way
  • sasa
    Actually there is a really easy solution:

    Go to your own profile &#40;by clicking on your username at the top of the site&#41;, and then copy the url of that page and send it to your friends (via email or messenger programms or whatever).
    The url should look like this: http://japaneseclass.jp/user/statistics/123456

    Ask your friends to do the same and to send their profile links to you. When you are on their profile page, you can add them to your friend list.

    I hope this helps!