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I did level 1 chap 1-10. After taking the text for 10 it put me in chap 11. Now I can't get chap 11 to show up again. It just shows chap 1-10 only. I was having fun - how can I continue with the next list of vocabulary?
posted by kraemder

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  • Medyrius
    Hi ^^
    Normally if you've completed vocabulary chapter 10 there should be a link to chapter 11 on your "To Do list"... It's located right under the site's main tabs (Lessons, Practice, Note etc.)

  • Gituska
    Hi kraedmer, you need to gain 5001 exps to get level 2 stuff. You can continue in the practice section to get some combo points.
  • kraemder
    Is there no way to skip since I'm not a beginner? Although I was when I wrote this post. My goodness that was a while ago. I forgot all about this site.