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Anyone else taking the JLPT N1 at USC next week?

Hey all, I will be taking the N1 next week in LA.

Main reason being I now have the opportunity to work in Japan.
The company asks that I have either the BJT or JLPT N1. I missed the opportunity to take the BJT.

I was looking for a study challenge here but was unable to find it. The RPG elements of leveling up are really nice, but grinding to get to a higher level, and discovering there was nothing challenging there was a real let down. For me anyway! I would have killed to have something like this 15 years ago.

Anyway, if anyone else is taking the N1 or N2 next week, good luck!
posted by kasumistation

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  • thenewjapboy
    Good Luck
  • fallendementia
    I will not be taking the JLPT 1 for a few years yet.. but to you, ganbatte!