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Sentence help

I wanted to learn how to say "If I gave you my heart, would you break it?"

On google translate, I was given;

Watshi ga anata ni ataeta baii, watashi no kokoro wa anata wa sore o yaburu ka

I thought maybe I could just shorten it to

Anata ni ataeta, watashi no kokoro wa sore o yaburu ka

But I'm not even sure if ataeta should be used here or what the meaning of sore o yaburu is??

Is there an easier or more correct way to say this?
posted by Nezumi_chan

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  • Medyrius
    Hi there! ^^

    I have no translation experience at all but this is what's in my mind right now :

    Atashi no kokoro o anata ni ataetara, anata wa sono kokoro o kowasu ka.

    Not sure if it's an easier or more correct way to say that though ^^'...

    Yet, I think it's ok tu use the verb ataeru and "sore o yaburu" here should mean "break that (heart)"
  • Nezumi_chan
    Thank you for your help! ^^ but I was wondering why you changed "ataeta" to "ataetara" and is kowasu the same as yaburu?
  • Medyrius
    My pleasure ;)
    The "ra" I added to ataeta is meant to add a condition... It's a grammar rule I've learnt somewhere ^^ I used it because basically, ataeta is just the past form of the verb ateru... In this context, the phrase "anata ni ataeta kokoro" would mean : "the heart I gave you"...

    And yes kowasu and yaburu are pretty much the same... I used it because I like the "su" ending transitive verbs ^^
  • Raidomso
    I think it would indeed be a good idea to shorten it like you did! "Anata wa" can be easily omitted as Japanese don't tend to repeat subjects, especially when it is clear who it's about :)
  • Medyrius
    That's may be right, I actually hesitated a bit before using it... I used it because I think the implicit subject should be expected if you've previously introduced a theme with the "wa" particle... Which would make it the default theme until you introduce another one with that same particle...
    I'm not really sure but I'm a little bit afraid that the sence would be altered if I omitted the "anata wa" in the second phrase...