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Google Translate Broken?

Is the Translate button broken for anyone else? I tried it on Firefox and Chrome, but it doesn't work on either.
posted by slmpika

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  • Medyrius
    It's been out for a while, I think... Wonder if the admin is aware of it...
    Let's hope beeant sees your post quick ;)
  • beeant
    Hello slmpika,

    I have got many reports about this, however, I have been working on some other stuffs. I'm sorry for delay to fix this.

    I have replaced that function with search feature.

    Now after you answer a kanji question, you can learn more about it by searching by the kanji itself, or by the hiragana/katakana reading.

    By searching the kanji, you can learn more related kanji combinations, and enrich your vocabularies even more. You can get more idea about what the kanji means.

    By searching the hiragana/katakana reading, you can know other vocabularies that has the same reading. There are a lot of vocabularies that has the same reading in Japanese I guess. So I think this is important to prevent you from getting mixed up with vocabularies that has the same reading but different meaning.

    I hope that this change can be more useful for you Japanese learning.

    Thank you for using JCJP.

    If you have any other problem, please do not hesitate to tell me.