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wrong hiragana...

In chapter 2 in the vocabulary section, the hiragana for お金 is written お きん instead of お かね.

Just saying...

This website does help me with my Jap vocabulary and kanji. Thanks a bunch.
posted by Jzown

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  • beeant
    Hello Jzown,

    Thank you for your report.

    Yes, JCJP has this problem as the conversion from kanji to hiragana is done using a software that I didn't write, so I don't have any control to fix it.

    However, there are so many people reported about this problem, so I think I have to fix it.

    My approach to solve this problem is to build our own database on those mis-conversion of katakana to hiragana. We can fix those mis-conversion by feeding our database.
    I have added お金 into that database and it has been fixed.

    Please report again here if you notice any kanji with wrong hiragana again.

    Thank You,
    JCJP Admin
  • Jzown
    Thank you too, for addressing the concern promptly.
  • bluwy
    付き合う - (人)付き合う 人's reading was written as にん。I think it would be better to write it as (人と)付き合う
  • bluwy
    悪寒 - ひどい悪寒を起こす - 起こす's reading was written as おここす
  • bluwy
    欠かす - 一日も欠かすことなく Shouldn't the reading of 一日 be いちにち?
    欠かす's reading was written as かかかす. The other sentence has the same mistake.

    背が高い - 背が高い's reading was written as せががたかい
    二人のうち背が高い方 方's reading was written as ほう instead of かた

    委ねる - ねだねねる
    呆れる - あきれれる
    愚かさ - おろかかさ
    与える - あたええる
    失う - うしなうう
    使う - つかうう
    分かる - わかかる