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Hi-question: Which is more important Kanji or Hiragana Letters?

Hi..I am new to this site and I love Japanese very much....I want to learn to read and write also but i don't exactly know the main difference between Hiragana and Kanji and Katakana letters also I would like to know which is more important -which is used more often or in what conditions .
posted by 13Shinigami

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  • fallendementia
    I would explain it all right here, but the master of Japanese aka Tofugu has a really simple guide for anybody who wants to learn the Japanese language. Plus the guide is really motivating. Here is the link at the start of season one:


    Follow that and everything will make sense really easy.
  • diarahan
    Arguably Hiragana and Kanji are used much more often than Katakana, since Katakana is usually only used for foreign words, but learning all three is equally important. :) Before anything though, always start with learning Hiragana and Katakana, since those are your "building blocks" for your vocabulary-- how Japanese words are pronounced without depending on Romaji. After you learn those, you can move on to Kanji and use the Kana (Hiragana + Katakana) to help you with pronunciation and such. Good luck!