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Too easy to cheat with Rikaikun/Rikaichan

I use Rikai and the related plugins to gloss newspaper articles, or quick lookup for Japanese. I accidentally had it on when coming to JCJP and noticed something....
I'm not going to detail how it's done, but if you know what Rikaichan is, the method of cheating should be very obvious.
Other sites, like Kanjibox, implement some sort of XML blocking to fool Rikaichan's mouseover function. Check out www.kanjibox.net for an example. You should try to do something about it, please!
posted by flashywordz

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  • cmunch
    Haha, I have Rikai-kun enabled on my browser ^^ I honestly do not feel that it is a problem. It is very easy to switch Rikai on and off if one wants to.

    Plus, what would be the point in cheating? How would you learn like that? Though I have Rikai, I am never really tempted to use it to "cheat" because that won't help me learn like I want to. If you really want to learn Japanese, having Rikai enabled shouldn't be that big a problem ^^;
  • mazx
    There's plenty of ways to cheat, hell you could use a dictionary and look up all the kanji on jisho.org if you wanted. This is of course incredibly pointless if you're self studying Japanese. I know it's ranked but I don't think anyone cares enough to do something like that.