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what is the difference??

So to cut is pronounced as "kiru". To wear is also pronounced "kiru". When they are in te-form, should it be "kite" or "kiite"? Thanks!!
posted by autumnsakura

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  • beeant
    The difference is the kanji

    切る and 着る

    there are a lot of vocabularies like this in Japanese,
    for example,

    神 [god], 髪 [hair], 紙 [paper]
  • Aleyo
    Both are also two different types of verbs that conjugate in different ways. きる (to cut) is an -u (or godan) verb, that becomes きります and きって. きる(to wear) is a -ru (or ichidan) verb, that becomes きます and きて.
  • autumnsakura
    Thanks for the explanation!!


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