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is this a bug?

theres this question for sanhyaku but there are two correct choices. i mean, theyre the same choice but the result is different. sometimes its wrong, sometimes its correct. ==
is this a bug?
posted by dand963

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  • Medyrius
    Hi there ^^
    There are some questions for which we have more than one correct choice, but in this particular case, I'm afraid the only correct answer is sanbyaku (さんびゃく)...

    I don't remember having learnt a pronunciation such as sanpyaku (さんぴゃく) for the "300" number...
  • beeant
    Hello dand963,

    I'm sorry, that is not a bug, but a trap. :)
    You need to be careful び and ぴ, they are different, please take a look closely.

    yes, I will fix them, thank you :D
  • dand963
    well, the circle in pi really misleads me since it looks like the ' " ' in bi. sorry.


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