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Like the site, but..

Just signed up, like its change of pace from using Anki and its addictive multipliers, but the site often seems to hang and really puts a drag on playing it. Is their someway to get rid of the random delays...
posted by kaimao

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  • beeant
    Hello kaimo, welcome to JCJP!
    where do you experience the random delays?

    I'm sorry for the delay you have in JCJP.
    The delay is most likely due to server power limitation.
    Since JCJP is free, and always be, JCJP is currently collecting donations to keep on upgrading server for better response time.

    Other than collecting donations, I am also trying to optimize the codes and data structures.
  • kaimao
    I think I solved it, or either it was 3am lag. I turned off rikaichan and noticed improvement.


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