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A mistake?

I've noticed that few times during practice, scrypt gets kinda bugged or something. For example i have to translate kanji to hiragana 小学生 -> しょうがくせい and there is only one answer that even can be possibly correct which is しょうがくせい but it says its wrong and breaks combo.

The same issue i can remind myself was with "本” ->hon / ほん . Even though there is only one answer that even starts with ho so it must be correct and sometimes it counts that as correct, sometimes it doesn't and brakes combo. Kinda random. . .

/Actually screw combo but it counts that to my "mistakes" and i don't really like that =P. Is it me or is the script somehow broken a little?
posted by Senna

Comments 3

  • xMakoReactantx
    That's happened to me too.
  • shairn
    Did you type anything in the bar before choosing your answer?
    I'm pretty sure that gives you an incorrect answer even if you chose the right one.
  • and_strider
    I don't have any problem with it for almost 2 months.