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1st hour!

Wow! Most ideal class. Thanks. ^^. I've been learning Japanese by myself since last year, but not really everyday. I only read the book when i have time but then i realize you must not stop, you have to practice it like everyday. So here i am. But what i was practicing is how to speak it. I didn't learn how to read the alphabet or something neither how to write it. But in this class i have to learn it. Aww. It made my head hurt a lot. Hahaha. I'm confused with the alphabets. Hahaha. Especially with Kanji. Well At first learning Hiragana and katakana is a little easy but when i proceed to the next test i have to chose for the kanji's equivalent. I was like "waaaaaaaaaaaaa" XD. Then i guess its worth a try. Hehehe. Anyways. Imma love this class i think. ^_^ Doomo.

Btw, Watashi wa Fritzie desu. ^_^
posted by Kossie

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