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Is there any way to contact the maintainers of this site and suggest improvements?
posted by Dirk

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  • Saiya
    Forums is the best way but we all need to chip in to pay for improvements by making donations. I plan on making a donation when I am able to. This is an amazing site but it does need some extensions so say higher levels with more vocabulary and adding grammar etc. Adding a chat function and so on but we cant expect it to just happen without our support.
  • JamesCarswell
    An old list would be so helpful.
  • shairn
    @JamesCarswell: If you mean a list of old vocabulary/kanji, then I think you'll be pleased to hear that items you have not reviewed in the last 30 days are added to your "oblivion" list which is automatically added to your random questions while in practice. You can also access this list the same way you would your "new" items in order to focus on your oblivion vocabulary/kanji.
  • Lschlego
    I would also like to recommend putting more emphasis on the readings. Now that I've been through all the vocab and kanji, the practice gets really boring, though you seem to get a lot of xp from doing it. You hardly get any xp from the reading (+1 per question), which discourages me from doing them- although I try to read at least one article a day. I learn WAY more from the reading, and those words I learned do not show up in practice (would be nice if they did). Just a thought!
  • beeant
    thats a good idea. I will implement that in the next version of JCJP that I am currently working on.
  • diarahan
    @Lsclego I agree! I really enjoy the reading section and it helps me a ton, but the lack of EXP for the tests are not very motivational... I too would love to see emphasis on the reading sections, they help out a ton with grammar and everyday vocab usage you don't really see in the practice and lessons.