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If only this site had its own little messenger area where everyone can chat and practice but if ya'll wanna chat with me to practice japanese leave skype info or ask for mine but only if you're serious about learning japanese and making friends
posted by Kimmitokat

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  • Saiya
    why does everypne use skype, Domenkun uses skype as well but i rly dislike skype
  • Medyrius
    Welcome in my band! ^^
    I don't exactly why but I just can't stand phone conversation...
  • Domen
    Well, I don't like Skype too much, but all my friends use it, so we use skype for voice conversations. :)

    Website chat is comming soon, I hope. I wish I could donate, but I can't.
  • Medyrius
    Onaji kimochi da :(
  • shairn
    I use skype but rarely use the voice chat. The IM feature is just fine and dandy.
  • Akamaru012
    Should prolly hook me up. My Skype is akaikurayami
  • ButterzXx
    Hook me up, please ^^ jiggletart.mcfargle
    Please don't mind the name.... It's kind of a thing my friend and I have going on
  • Kimmitokat
    My skype is being blaaaah!
  • Kimmitokat
    search me on skype by name its kimmie lopez or pandagyunyu
  • SloanAkira
    What happened to these old AIM IM back in the day? It's so simple and useful... and it doesn't run too much memory in the background, you know...
  • barusamikosu
    @SloanAkira - A lot of people in our age group used AIM back in the day. 2002-2005ish? I've since given it up in favor of MSN and Steam; and from what I've seen, a lot of the people I know that used it have left it behind too.

    On topic: If people are looking for a nice and organized place to discuss Japanese, IRC is always an option. IRC rooms are easy enough to access and use through web browsers or stand-alone clients.