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I'm going to Iwate in september for 1 year. How do i make contacts before that ?

Hi, I think my topic description is precise.

I tried going to the mixi community section of the university of iwate, i'm looking for people to meet there once i'm there.

I want to optimize the time i'll be in Japan. What would you suggest ? Thanks!
posted by masakon

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  • darkpaladin
    You can post an announcement on this website, maybe you'll got some luck x)
  • masakon
    Alright thanks I'll give it a try :)
  • shibby
    There is an Iwate Co-op page on Facebook. I have lived here for 3 years now. Where in Iwate will you be? I assume you are taking over a JET position based on the timing.
  • masakon
    I'll be 研究生 in the Iwate University. I'll be in Morioka, at about 20 minutes on foot to the university
  • masakon
    Thanks a lot about the Facebook page! It looks like the mixi page is abandoned, despite the big number of users