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The Masu form


Just wanna ask one thing :

We got this 2 verbs : 着る kiru - to wear and 切る kiru - to cut.
Because they have iru ending they both are verbs of second group and they formal form is for them both kimasu.
Am i right now ?

And we have a 3rd verb : 来る kuru - to come who change also to kimasu in the formal form.
So we can't make any distinction between the three of them in oral ?
posted by darkpaladin

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  • SLeon
    Actually, your wrong about 切る. The ます form for it is 切(き)ります.
    You can usually tell which is which by the context (or the particle) before it.
    For example, you might not know what I mean by "これをきる!" (as I purposely did not use the kanji for it) but if I said "ここにきます", it's quite obvious that I'm not using the verb 'to wear'.
    Others can probably give a better example.


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