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Kanji learning

I want to learn Kanji but I'm not really sure how. Do i simply memorize every meaning and sound given on this site? Also, is there any way to learn Kunyomi and Onyomi?
posted by andyis

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  • Wes1378
    There are so many ways to go about learning the Kanji. This site is great, but you need a Kanji reference book too. I won't try and convince you of that, but believe me you will want one and you can get a used one cheap I'm sure. I use the Hensall "A guide to remembering Japanese characters". I also have Heisig's book "RTK I". This is a controversial approach (RTK I), but it is great for some people. The most important thing is to start looking at the Kanji for every word you learn and trying to develop a familiarity.
    One interesting way to start studying Kanji is to learn all the radicals. If you can start to make all the parts of a Kanji familiar to you, then when you see a new one, it can have a chance to stick. : )
    Learning the Kanji is such a huge project and is so dependent on the way you learn, study, and think, that I can't say too much here in a paragraph.
    Please swing by Gengo No Tabi and say hello if you want to talk a lot more about studying Kanji.
    I'm sure you will get some more great ideas from the folks who haunt this forum.
  • andyis
    Ok thanks. I'll check it out


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