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Kanji stroke order window doesn't appear


I've been using the site for a few days now with no problems. Two or three days ago, though, when I do a kanji lesson and click "stroke order" nothing happens! The combinations appear, but no stroke order window at all.

Similarly, when I click on "test", the tab refreshes to only show the test (not just a pop-up window) - so the site behind it isn't there any more, I just have a white background.

I've tried this on Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer - same on all three. :(
posted by raenn

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  • raenn
    Bump - still doesn't work, and it's a real shame because I'd like to learn :(

    Tried posting on beeant's wall too, no response. Any other way to file a bug report?
  • Mejet
    It doesn't work for me either but I found another site where you can see the stroke order of a kanji:
  • beeant
    thank you for the link.
    I have updated it to use that site. :)
  • raenn
    Hooray, it works again! Many thanks :)