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Where to report possible wrong pronounciation?

I'm wondering if there is a place to report possible incorrect audio or hirigana? I've noticed a few times where the spelled out hirigana doesn't match the audio for a practice question. I've also noticed where the practice question doesn't follow the example sentences that immediately follow.

Example. 古い had the audio and hirigana (if my memory serves correctly) as くるい.

The next example sentences and extra details had it as ふるい which is correct. Now it is possible that I both heard and read it improperly, but it has happened enough times that I don't think they all could be mistakes.

(As an aside, if there is a way to go back and repeat the last question, that would be helpful not only to be certain that this has happened, it would also be a good way to review immediately and understand why the given answer was wrong. This would be especially helpful for me when the question had audio with it, as after failure the audio is unavailable.)

posted by pierre_m