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Audio Pronunciation of Kanji

Something that I find a little off is that when it's teaching you the kanji and the hiragana is next to it to spell it out, the audio pronounces it as if it's already conjugated. So, it will show 読む and the hiragana is よむ, but if you hit the audio it will say よみます. Is this off putting to anyone else?
posted by atashinokoe

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  • Kurojin
    Hmm not really, since I already know how to conjugate verbs into masu form it's not a problem since I already know what the original verb is and what it should sound like.
  • atashinokoe
    I just think it's misleading for beginners who haven't had the exposure you or I have had. But maybe there aren't any "true" beginners that aren't familiar with the conjugated forms on here.
  • Peacherine
    No, I agree. If the word is written one way, it should not be pronounced differently. There are beginners on this site who don't know conjugations, and it's very misleading/discouraging to not be sure what to learn.

    Along those lines, it would be super great if the verbs were presented all in dictionary form, since that is the basis for any conjugations. I've run across a few already put into て form, which makes them not even look like verbs to beginners. I'd also love to see the English translations for all verbs follow a standard "to ~~" kind of pattern, so you don't see something like "walk" and wonder if it means "to walk" (verb) or "a walk" (noun).

    The thing that bothers me even more though is when some of the vocabulary words are written in kanji with furigana above them, but the furigana reading doesn't match the roumaji reading. Almost always, the furigana is wrong. I'm not sure why that is, but I really hope it gets fixed soon. I've had to use Rikaichan to double-check many words.

    All in all, this is a wonderful site, and a great resource. I wish there were a better way to suggest improvements though, or even for more advanced users to help edit things. With even minor improvements, I think this site could be even more beginner-friendly, since we've all been there! : )