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How do I use this site?

Hi, I'm new to this site and to learning Japanese, so I just need help on where to start. Do I start with vocabulary or kanji or what? Pleas help me!!!
posted by idontevenknow

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  • tereziKagamine
    You should first start with the kana so you can read the answers. Go to the practice page and you'll see "Hiragana & Katakana". You should start with the hiragana first, then katakana. When you've memorized them both, go to the Vocabulary and the Kanji.
  • himecon
    Also, I only started on this site last night, but I noticed this is a better learning tool for people with basic knowledge of Japanese grammar and sentence structure. It only teaches vocabulary, so if someone wanting to learn Japanese for the first time came to this site, they still wouldn't be able to make sentences 2000 words later because they can't conjugate verbs nor did they learn grammatical order.

    My recommendation is that, only once you feel 100% confident with Hiragana and Katakana, move on to vocabulary; and then kanji last, after you know the vocab. If you know vocab, you'll still be able to make speech and listen--kanji will come into play when you're reading mostly. As for the grammar, I can't recommend you any online source, since I went to a language school, but search around for "Japanese verb conjugation" and you might find a helpful page or two.

    Good luck and happy learning!