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My suggestion for making the lessons more useful and enjoyable

I've been using this site for about a month now. I often use the practice section and I tend to use it more often than the lessons section because of it's ease of use and it's more convenient for learning a few words per session(which for me, ranges from 5-15 minutes usually). I feel the lessons could be more effective if they were more like the practice section. To be more specific:

1) Making lessons contain a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 20 words. In my opinion, having rather long lessons makes them somewhat a drag. If they are shorter, they would be easier to study, memorize, and repeat.

2) Having a "practice mode" in the lessons section. In the actual practice mode, there are 6 levels with a several words per level. If there were a practice mode for each lesson(containing 15-20 words), it would be easier to study for the 'tests.' In other words, this practice mode in the lesson section would essentially be a small set of flashcards for that specific lesson. I often use flashcards myself via Anki(computer and mobile app) and gFlash+(mobile app), and I have found that flashcards are rather effective for quickly reviewing a short set of words in a short amount of time. It would be nice if this practice mode could give points like the actual practice mode, and also have a combo bonus, but separate from the actual practice mode combo bonus.

3) Have a bonus reward for completing tests. Say for example, if you get 100% on a test, you get 1000+exp; if you get 90-99%, you receive 750+exp and so on. And it would also be nice if you could accumulate a combo bonus on the tests(I seem to not receive any combo bonus on the vocabulary tests, but I think I received a combo bonus on the kanji test before? Not sure...). Sometimes, I feel like there is little incentive to complete the tests because they are so long and give little reward. While on the other hand, I love the practice mode because I get rewarded a lot for a combo bonus, and I can get off at any time with ease. Even though the reward may not mean a lot, it still gives somewhat of a psychological boost and motivates one towards studying more on this site.笑

I don't know how difficult this would be to do programming wise, but I think if implemented, it would greatly benefit learners of Japanese.

posted by daphatnguyen

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  • beeant
    Hello daphatnguyen,

    Thank you for your suggestion!