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Curious over 八's differences.

The dictionary page got me a bit confused over the number 8, 八, [Eight]. Both the writing and pronunciation.

The way I usually see it is just as two vertical lines going down and spreading out nearing the bottom.

But here {in this dictionary page} I saw it with a horizontal line on top going down to the right vertical line.
http://puu.sh/2xW9Y [in case you don't see it the same as me]

Is that just a difference in fonts? Or is either of them the way it was written some time back until it got changed?

I thought it should make the sound: Hachi
While the sound heard on the speaking option thing, has the は make the 'wa' sound as it sometimes does in sentences, to make it sound like: Wachi

Which is correct, or is this something that changes depending on how it is being used?
posted by Mica

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  • Zhou
    The dictionary uses block letters as opposed to joined-up writing, it's nothing to be worried about.

    As for your second question, I'll check it later as I don't have sound here right now but it could be that only some Japanese people say wachi, I personally have never heard a Japanese say it that way.
  • Mica
    Thank you for the reply Zhou, and I guess it is good to get used to the different ways they look, even if they may be a bit confusing at times~
    When I first saw it, I did think it was going to mean '8' but was not certain of it. There have been some mistakes that others have spotted so I thought it was better to check. ^^