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ばんは! What's up.

Hey guys. Just found this website online and I'm pretty impressed.

I've been dabbling in both studying the Japanese language and culture for many years...

I know my kana, of course, but I only know probs 10 kanji meaning- and not their pronunciation.

I just started college after taking a nice long break from high school. My plan is to get my bachelor's degree
(prob something involving geology) and then move to Japan with the JET program or something. I have four
years to really get a grasp on everything, and I already have a pretty solid foundation (I have no problems with pronunciation, reading kana, or cultural integration). I have kodansha's learner's dictionary, several books on grammar and remembering the kanji, general workbooks, and manga/books written in Japanese.

Thaaaaat's about it from me.

Sooooo, how many aspiring language students we got here? How about people that have worked/lived in Japan without the JET program???

Anywho, peace love unity and respect to all of you
And have a good day ^.^
posted by pink_fukamushi

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  • Mica
    I really wish I could have such a solid plan for the rest of my educational life as you have. ^^

    At the moment, aside from possibly visiting as a tourist, I don't have plans of moving to nor working in Japan.
    My goal for learning Japanese, aside from enjoying the process, is to chat with Japanese individuals, and to read tutorial & tips on how to draw in an Anime/Manga manner.

    I have attempted to learn Japanese before but gave up after losing my motivation to learn. Partial fault may have been that I didn't actual had a purpose for learning it back then. Now I'm rather excited about it. I'm planning to search once more to see if there are classes available near me, in order to get Japanese more involved in my life and to have someone to ask when I am confused on certain sections of the learning progress.

    Good luck on your learning, and enjoy your day as well Fukamushi~ ^^/
  • pink_fukamushi

    This website is awesome, because you can type in whatever kind of meet up group you are looking for and get together with them. It might help you to find either anime artists or japanese language learners in your area.

    Thank you for your kind words! Yeah, I've had the dream to go to Japan since I was 10 years old, and over a decade later I have the same dream!

    Anyways, you have a good day too Mica!!