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Relatively new...

Well, I'm relatively new here and I have yet to figure out how to memorize the hiragana and kanji charts with ease. I know all the sounds relating to Hiragana if they are placed in the right order, but is there a way to remove the romaji text from the chart while they still maintain their order so I can memorize them easier? If not, would anybody mind sending me over a chart to study? I'd -really- appreciate it!

Another thing, as far as grammar goes, how does sentence structure work when translated in a literal sense in english?

Also, it's a pleasure to meet you all! I hope I'm able to eventually become helpful towards all of you just as I hope you help me learn.
posted by Exorate

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  • pink_fukamushi
    Well, I can't really answer the chart question, as I just started on this website and can't manipulate the software..

    As for the grammar question, keep in mind English is a Subject Verb Object language, as Japanese is a Subject Object Verb language.


    and this is basically what the link says:

    これは りんご です (Kore wa ringo desu.) Kore - S, Ringo-O, desu-V.
    This is an apple.

    私はりんごがすきです。(Watashi wa ringo ga sukidesu.) Watashi-S, Ringo-O, sukidesu-V
    I like an apple

    Keep in mind Japanese often skip the subject.

    ****super important. Japanese OFTEN skip the topic. Like, if you were talking to someone, and they asked:

    Nihongo ga wakarimasu ka?

    You COULD answer with

    Hai, nihongo ga wakarimasu.

    but- you won't really see that written, its kinda unnecessary. Most likely, the natural response would be:

    Hai, wakarimasu.

    If you translated Japanese right into English... it'd sound very awkward and probably confuse your brain. A better way in learning japanese is to think in Japanese and forget about english all together >.>
  • Peacherine
    Hi! Welcome to the site, and to learning Japanese! : )

    The hiragana/katakana section on this site seems okay (though I've never used it), but if you're looking for something without fixed English letters, try other sites too. I highly recommend http://www.realkana.com/ because it lets you select several handwritten-looking fonts under "options" and also which rows of the chart you want to review. It shows you a symbol and you type in the English equivalent. The other site I'd recommend is http://www.learn-hiragana-katakana.com/ It has a bunch of different games you can choose from to review.

    In general, just try searching "hiragana chart" online, and see what comes up! Find one you like, and go for it! Let me know if you have any other questions~