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Too much exp!

This site seems pretty good, especially since memrise broke itself. One annoyance though is how much exp is needed to go to the next level, I really think this needs dropping sharply.
For newbies maybe repeating these words loads of times is a good thing. But a lot of us I'd imagine already know a lot of the words, its only some we're not 100% on. Its a bit annoying having to go through the numbers and days of the week again and again despite knowing them by heart.
posted by josquius

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  • Mica
    If you do already know the words, then by getting the Max Combo Exp per random question, I don't believe it would take you too much time at all to get to the next level.
    Make sure to do the Lessons as well.

    I'd assume this site is mainly design for newbies, and yep, reviewing them does actually help. I also believe this site is something that should be used in small doses over a long period of time, to refresh our memory daily. Instead of gaining a big amount of Exp in day and not appearing the later days.

    Hopefully you reach the level you want soon, and good luck with your objective Josquius~ :3