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Is there an order to learn Japanese in?

Hello ^__^
I am fairly new to learning Japanese and I was wondering if there was a certain order that you should learn Japanese in? I ask because I am teaching myself so I'm not really sure if there is a right or wrong way to learn. I want to read Japanese manga, games, websites, books, etc first so based on that should I learn sentence structure or particles or what? >__<
I have learnt all of Kana and a little bit of Vocab.
Thanks in advance. =D
posted by Tugboat

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  • TJack39
    I do not think there is any wrong way to learn Japanese, but I would say start with basic stuff like the greetings, then move to simple sentences, learning the particles, vocab and verbs in it. Then progress to more complex sentence structures when you get the hang of the
    sentence structure.

    Here is a great beginner page that goes into detail a lot of the basic stuff like the particles and the verbs and how to conjugate them: http://japanese.about.com/od/japaneselessons/u/StartLearning.htm

  • Tugboat
    Thanks! ^__^
  • beeant
    i think you should start with learning Hiragana and Katana
    then practice reading using this site by answering questions.
    then you will practice reading and enrich vocabulary at the same time