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Ok So Im a new member and there are lots of ways to learn aside from the lessons, new list, weak list, how does anyone organize all of it It can be overwhelming for me especially when I do the practice, I get words I never encountered before ><
posted by JaylexPherno

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  • Peacherine
    Hi! Sorry this is a bit of a late reply, so I wonder if you'll see it...

    I would suggest starting to learn from the beginning of the Lessons. Focus mainly on vocabulary, I'd say. (Oh, and hiragana/katakana if you don't know them yet!) In my opinion, the kanji section of this site is not so easy to use, so you can probably spend your time learning kanji more productively elsewhere.

    As for the practice mode: it's set to just keep giving you words nonstop. There is a settings button you can click, and only select Level 1 for example, so it should only give words from that level. You can also select the type of questions: Kanji shows the kanji and you select which hiragana reading is correct; Vocabulary shows a words in English and you choose the correct Japanese word; and Reverse Vocabulary shows you a Japanese word and you choose the correct English translation. For the multiple choice, I'd suggest never turning off the show kanji feature, just so you start getting used to seeing the kanji, even if you can't read them yet.

    Of course, the practice mode level settings seem to be hit-or-miss though : ) Even if I have it narrowed down to a certain level, I feel like I still see new words.

    But, the practice mode is the method of daily check-in if you choose to do that. Just change the settings to whatever fits your level, and do the 20 to check-in, but then spend more time looking over the actual lesson material.

    If you have things in your Weak List, also look over those more frequently, especially if they're ones you consistently get wrong. If you're really having trouble with some words, you may need to find a separate way to learn and remember them.

    And eventually, you'll probably start having an "Oblivion" List too. Don't panic! lol I was so shocked when I saw that show up, with no explanation. But it's just the list of words/kanji you haven't seen in a month or more. So every once in a while, you can specifically attack those too.


    To recap, focus most on the Vocabulary lessons (+ hira/kata if necessary). I suggest using some other method to learn kanji. Use practice mode to do daily check-ins, and change the settings. Regularly work on your weak list and oblivion list words too.

    : ) Hope that helps at all! Feel free to ask anything else.