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Where to Start?

Dont know where to Start. Someone Please Help me. Im really interested in learning this language
posted by Kian

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  • TheDand963
    its best you start with memorizing / familiarizing hiragana and katakana.

    if you're trying to learn the language because you want to read, head over to kanji and look for sites that give out grammar lessons or an e-book or something.

    about trying to speak the language, its best you head over to vocabulary and also have something that teaches grammar lessons.

    hope I helped ^^
  • Tinker
    Definitely Kana first. It's actually easy to learn and shouldn't take that long to know them. After this there are quite some ways to do it, but learn your kana first.

    Just a tip if your interested in learning Japanese. Avoid learning with roumaji. Kana at the very least is not hard, and you will know how to write a word automatically in roumaji if you know how to write it in Kana.