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Get me off this f***ing mailing list!

How the hell do I unsubscribe to this freaking website!?

It is illegal to send bulk mail without an unsubscribe feature! Is this site that ignorant?

posted by timberwillow

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  • beeant
    Hello timberwillow,

    I apologize for this problem.
    I'm not ignorant, I'm currently busy with my day job, and remaking the new JCJP.
    As I'm not doing any major update in the current JCJP, there is no unsubscribe feature.

    However, there will be unsubscribe feature in the new JCJP.
    As for now, I will unsubscribe you manually.

    Please hope you would understand.

    Again, I'm really sorry.

    Thank You,
    JCJP Admin
  • Laserbeak43
    you could have just added it to your spam box, rather than be a raging b*7CH. :)