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I am completely new to this! Help!

I decided to try my hand at learning Japanese and came across this amazing site but since I don't have any prior lessons. I have no idea what to start on or if I should maybe start on another site to learn the basics.
Does anyone have any suggestions on websites or maybe how a beginner should maybe start out?
I work an office job and just needed something to do in my down time. I love anime and cosplay, I plan on going to Japan sometime in the future so knowing the language would be a major pro in my books!
I tried to start out learning the katakana and hiragana, but then the questions started combining to make words and I was still getting questions right but I was more guessing than anything. Is there any tips on learning how the kanji combine or even just tips on starting out?
posted by HeyImCarol

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  • Honeystring
    If you want to learn i suggest try this: http://www.freejapaneselessons.com/
    This rpg place is just a bunch of test, nothing more. :)
  • HeyImCarol
    thanks haha I like this site because I learn really well from tests.
  • nairika
    find this book it's really useful
    "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Conversational Japanese" by naoya fujita
    but for learning words(kana &kanji;) this site is excellent
  • phillipguy
    Best site/book for grammar - don't learn the useless formal crap that you won't be using when you make Japanese friends or when you travel to japan.

  • nairika
    thanks for the advice phillipguy and thanks for introducing the site i'm checking it now