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皆、こんにちは! 米国のミネソタに住んでいます。中学二年生から日本語を習いたかった(今、高校三年生です)。あの時から、一人で習っていました。今、学校で日本語を取っています。しかし、そのクラスは易しいすぎます。だからこの「クラス」にいますね。


Hey you guys! I'm from Minnesota and I've been interested in learning japanese ever since I was in seventh grade (im in 11th now) and I've been learning it on my own since then. But now I also take it in high school so yay! But the class is going wayyy too slow for me so I decided to come to this "class" (lol).

Also am willing to help anyone learn english.

Check out my lang-8 account:

Also all of you get a lang-8 account!


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