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あの あの
Word or expression in common usage
interjection (kandoushi)
  • say
  • well
  • errr ...
彼の あのDictionary
Word or expression in common usage
pre-noun adjectival (rentaishi)
  • that (someone or something distant from both speaker and listener, or situation unfamiliar to both speaker and listener)


  • that there〈話〉 【形】that
  • those


  • Japaneseあの音で考え事ができないわ」と、彼女はタイプライターを見つめながら言った。
  • Japanese あの方が言われる事を、何でもしてあげて下さい。
  • Japanese あの蜘蛛が大嫌い。いつもそこにいて私が掃除するときいらいらさせるの。
  • Japanese あの日が私の人生で最高の日だった。
  • Japanese ママ~!あのお姉ちゃんとお兄ちゃん、お手手繋いで、すっごく仲良しさんだね~!
  • Japanese ママー、今あのおにいちゃんすごいころんだよー。
    English Mummy, that man just fell flat on his face!
  • Japanese 「どうしたの?」「あのね、植木の枝の剪定をして欲しかったのよ」
    English "What is it?" "Well, you see, I wanted the shrubs pruned."
  • Japanese あのグリーンの縞のシャツ、今洗濯してるん?
    English Is that green striped shirt in the wash?
  • Japaneseあの、かりんさん・・・、そろそろお開きにしませんか?」「駄目、勝ち逃げ禁止!今度こそボクが勝つの!」
    English "Er, Karin ..., shouldn't we call it a night soon?" "No! No quitting while ahead! Next time I'll win for sure!"
  • Japanese あの人は化け物のような力持ちだ。
    English That man's monstrously strong.
  • Japanese あの、私、残念ですが小用が御座いますので、この辺りで失礼致しますね。
    English Ah, unfortunately there is a small matter I need to attend to so I'll take my leave now.
  • Japanese あの亜弓って子、まだ13歳だけど5つのときから子役として映画や舞台に出演。
    English That 'Ayumi' kid, only 13 but has performed in movies and theatres as a child actor since she was five.
  • Japanese あの若夫婦は今でも親におんぶに抱っこだ。
    English That young couple are still tied to their parent's apron strings.
  • Japanese 車?ああ・・・あのリムジンでしたら、私がチャーターした物ですわ。
    English Car? Ah, if you mean that limousine, - I chartered it.
  • Japanese 帰国子女があの組の中に溶け込むのは難しいよ。
    English It's difficult for returnees to blend in with that class.
  • Japanese まさか惚れたんですか。認めん、認めんぞ。あの男を義弟になるなんて、僕は絶対いやです!
    English You haven't fallen in love have you!? I won't have it! Having that man become my brother-in-law; I absolutely hate that!
  • Japanese ね、ね、あの店、ニューオープンだって!よってみない?
    English Look! That shop's just opened! Why not take a look?
  • Japanese しかも初陣があのドラゴン退治!
    English What's more, our first battle is to defeat that dragon!
  • Japanese あの方にくれぐれもよろしく。
    English Give him my best regards.
  • Japanese あの二人、元に戻すつもりなんて更々ないみたいだし・・・。
    English And it seems they don't have the slightest intent of coming back so ...