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New Update: Users are required to have more than 1000 EXP in order to make a post on… - Feed Post by beeant

New Update:
Users are required to have more than 1000 EXP in order to make a post on Social Feeds.

I'm really sorry for this late important update fix.
With this restriction, our Social Feeds should be free from spams. ✨
Let's use and enjoy socializing on our Social Feeds. 😊
posted by beeant

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  • ZozV
    Great idea, hopefully this will keep out the spam!
  • beeant
    seems like no more spams now!
  • Yoshipon
    wow this is great!!! thank you @beeant o(〃^▽^〃)o
  • vector62
    Yeah,before i always see too may spams and advertise in this feeds,this is better
  • mog86uk
    Awesome! Thanks Beeant! ^^

    I really hope this works well. It will be so nice to see the Social Feeds becoming usable again. ^^

    I wonder though if even 1 EXP might have been enough. My main concern is whether people who need help understanding how to use the site will still be able to reach 1000 EXP to ask about it before giving up.

    There's still one other problem affecting the Social Feeds... Posts and comments aren't always appearing in the correct order (not sorted correctly by date/time). This makes having conversations very difficult. Would this be possible to fix too?
  • beeant
    Hello mog86uk! ✨

    You're welcome thank you!

    Yes, I had that concern too. I will try with 1 EXP and see if it works.

    Yes, I noticed that. Did we have this problem before? Seems like this is a new problem?
  • mog86uk
    @beeant, We didn't always have this incorrect sort order problem. However, I think it's been behaving like this for at least six months.

    I mentioned it in a comment on one of Kekkou's posts on your feed, two and a half months ago (saying that the bug had been around for "several months"), here:

    (Interestingly, when you click the timestamp of any post to view it that way, on those pages the comments are all in the correct order.)

    - - -

    Also, right now lots of posts from users with 0 EXP have now come back? Something seems to have gone wrong?
  • beeant
    Hello mog86uk,

    Thank you for telling me that it has been happening.
    I just fixed the problem.

    Turned that it was a long time bug since probably the first release of Social feeds. I wonder why it wasn't that much noticeable...

    The old posts by users with 0 EXP will still be there, but new comments need to be posted by users with certain amount of EXP requirements.
  • AbMichael
    Thanks beeant for the update!!
  • beeant
    @AbMichael thank you for using JCJP 😊
  • mog86uk
    Social Feeds is looking much healthier already. Nice. ^^
  • Didi
    I know I'm late to the party but the Feeds page is looking great indeed ! 👍
    @beeant thank you for being attentive to the users' feedback 😊
  • miina00
    That was great its not fun with the spam post, thanks
  • eien177
    That's great! Thank you!
  • eien177
    Mr @beeant, are you planning to add more levels with vocabulary and kanji in soon future too?
  • riktor
    Thank you! I had left a few months ago because of the spam... I may return more often now that it is gone!
  • riktor
    I'm sorry if this isn't the place for this but: I've been away for a few months, and I can't find a way to reset my EXP and level or lessons to zero. Is there a way to do this? I want to start over fresh exp/lessons/etc.
  • aledda
    @beeant Thanks!!
    @riktor I think the only way to start over is to create a new account...
  • Didi
    Hey guys, I was really excited to share my opinions on a japanese movie that I've recently watched but I'm having trouble posting anything. The error notice says "undefined". Is anyone else having the same issue? Is there a character limit that I'm not aware of?
  • mog86uk
    @Didi, I imagine it's likely the site was just having a funny few minutes. Hope you didn't lose everything you typed. Is it still doing the same thing now?
  • Reyneese
    finally! really appreciate this fix. :D
  • Didi
    @mog86uk Whenever I click "post", I get the error notice for a brief moment and then the box would just turn grey and kind of freezes there, so I can't access the text and edit it or anything like that. I've just tried it and nothing has changed. Has anyone tried posting stuff?
    It's okay if I loose the text though, if anything, I get more practice writing in Japanese 😌 Thanks for passing by ! 🌸
  • mog86uk
    @Didi Oh, you're right! Commenting is working fine, but posting isn't working at all and I get that "An error has occured: undefined" error message you mentioned.

    Screenshot: https://imgur.com/0ZEJQHc
  • juanancuenca
    This is a great anuncement!
  • miharusshi
  • miharusshi
  • Valentina6
    This is great! I've been waiting for a spam free japaneseclass.js 👏👏👏 Yaaay
  • Valentina6
    Ups, there's a slight typo in my post but anyway, I think it got my message across xD
  • kew8bob
    Still looks great! Thank you for the update!
  • zombians
    will there ever be a update for more levels and update reading???
  • zombians
    hello 3 days still no reply anyone still on this site???
  • zombians
    pleas add new levels and lessons and readings no new stuff in 2 to 3 years getting boring will all stuff already know pleas add new things beeant
  • mog86uk
    @zombians, Hey! Nice to see you back on here recently. ^^

    I don't there's anyone who knows the answer to your question except Beeant himself. So there's not much point any of the rest of us replying as we can only give pointless answers like "maybe" or "don't know".

    There's still more than 350,000 old articles to do from before May 2016 when it stopped updating with new articles. It can be a bit dull to be always reading articles that are so out-of-date, but there is plenty for users to do there.

    I'd definitely love to see a new level or two. For me, using the Practice feature is getting very close to reaching the point of getting absolutely nothing out of it other than typing practice (and I wouldn't even be getting this if I hadn't made a typing mode for myself).
  • zombians
    @mog86uk thanks for the info.
  • aizome
  • japanaki
    god bless. thank you for that!!!!
  • zombians
    when will there be new levels stuck at level 8 and no new readings any news on when there will be more levels.
  • SkyeChain
    Wow I feel like we threw out all the corrupt companies polluting our site and I can breathe fresh air for the first time~
  • mog86uk
    It was nice at first... It has blocked ad spam bots with less than 1,000 EXP from **replying to posts**...

    Unfortunately, it turned out that it also blocks EVERYONE from **creating new feed posts**! (No feed post, no forum posts, no matome posts, ...)

    This is why there hasn't been any new feed posts on the site since August last year!

    It's sad as this has new essentially killed Social Feeds to an even greater degree than the ad spam bots had ever managed... Would be nice if creating new posts could be re-enabled at least for accounts over 1,000 EXP... ^^;

    - - -

    Also, a few ad spam users actually bothered to earn just over the 1,000 EXP barrier... At least this did filter it down a bit, since it looks like the ad spam accounts that bothered to do this at least know a little Japanese and are ad spamming sites that at least appear to have somehing to do with Japan or written in Japanese. (Probably still dodgy though, as why would any respectable company advertise through ad spam this way...)

    And there were a few spam bots that actually started spamming on the Chat page, since that is the only place were there are no restrictions. Ad spamming there even though barely anyone is going to see it since hardly anyone really uses that page! XD
  • rheannon
    I have 2.7k exp but I can't post, it says "Error Occured". I got tired of refreshing every now and then. I wanted to ask for help so I'll just comment here.

    I can't edit my country on the settings. I refresh-edit-and-save everything (since yesterday) but it just won't work. Please help.
    国のセッチングわエヂットじゃないです。日本語 下手 で ごめん なさい。
    Nice site! Have my incompletes been added?
  • mog86uk
    Anyone else finding the Online Users list animation for adding/subtracting points is acting a bit weird today?

    Every time I submit an answer in the Practice feature, it seems like it's trying to update my score THREE TIMES (maybe more).

    For example: 99 EXP. Submit one answer that gives 1 EXP...

    First it updates my EXP to 100 EXP, then it changes to 99 EXP, then to 100 EXP again. Sometimes I even get the green up-arrow⇧immediately followed by a red down-arrow⇩, just that single correct answer!

    Very strange that it's only just started doing this today (as far as I've noticed anyway). o.O?
  • Yoshipon
    hey mog, that has actually always happened here, I would get an answer correct, the list would show the red down arrow but my score would increase.

    On july 5 I sent beeant an e-mail about another exp bug, for some reason I managed to get 21 correct anwers but only 20 exp (doing lvl 1 questions), really crazy (°o°;).
  • mog86uk
    @Yoshipon, Oh, no, I'm already aware of those two issues. Both of those ones have been happening for a long time, maybe even for as long as this version of JCJP has existed.

    With the new issue I'm describing that started yesterday and still happening today, it's no longer simply that issue where it randomly displays red down-arrows on some correct answers. Now it has started displaying multiple arrows consecutively after submitting a single answer.

    I've always wondered what is the cause of the red down-arrows sometimes displaying for correct answers. I think this new issue I'm mentioning might actually be closely related to whatever has been causing that to happen. It seems like maybe the same function is being called twice instead of once, and the second time gets confused by how the displayed EXP doesn't yet match the updated EXP from the first time... So maybe the function thinks the displayed EXP being lower than the stored value EXP was lost. And so it displays a down-arrow, even though it was just that the EXP increase animation hadn't yet finished, or something like this. ^^
  • Yoshipon
    @mog86uk Oh, my mistake then, I still haven't been able to reproduce this new one, today I paid more attention to the arrow but it worked completely fine.

    Also I've noticed that my exp actually updated, just the green label with the "today EXP" on hover was desynchronized.

    By your comment on functions and you answer-by-typing mod it's safe to assume you work with web-development correct? I've started working with javascript and nodejs 2 years ago and I'm enjoying it a lot!

    Something that has been on my mind, maybe if there was some way to make the site open-source, or part of it, some of the members could help to fix some bugs, like the undefined on new posts and this arrow-flickering thing.

    But I don`t know how much work would it be, and also there are probably security concerns as well, so maybe its not feasible.
  • mog86uk
    I tried to make a video showing this issue sooner, but I messed up getting it to record correctly on previous days. Finally managed to get it to record right this time. Here's the raw video of my JCJP Practice session today:


    Today the double arrow for single answer issue seems to have been fixed. I don't think it showed even one red down arrow at all (except on that embarrassing silly mistake I made on the 54th question, don't watch that bit haha). ^^;

    The other half of the issue is still happening though — where the EXP goes UP-DOWN-UP each time I submit a single answer. Not quite as weird looking without the multiple arrows issue happening now though.

    - - -

    I don't actually work with web development. My job doesn't even involve using a computer at all. I've just been into computers, programming, web development, and stuff like that from a young age beginning in the mid 90s. Mostly just a hobby. I started with B.A.S.I.C. and then got into HTML, Javascript, C++, Java, VB, Pascal, ASP, PHP, Python, etc. But it's mostly all self-taught bits and bobs, just learning whatever I might need to accomplish a specific idea I've got of a thing I want to make, and then maybe not using what I learnt again for years and forgetting most of everything.

    Pretty much the only development I do regularly is write userscripts, so I'm mostly only using javascript. However, since I just make stuff for myself to use, I simply hurl code at the page until things works good enough for me. Nothing professional.

    It would certainly be awesome if it were made possible for people to help out with working on the site and fixing things. However, I'm not sure how many of the things that seem like bugs aren't actually intentionally left that way. The "undefined" error message that is preventing anyone making new posts, for example. It's hard to think this very obvious bug has existed here for a whole year now if it's not desired to remain this way?
  • Yoshipon
    Oh interesting, I hadn`t notice that the number was also flickering I have only seen it happen to the arrow.

    Wow that is really amazing and is actually how most guys get into this career. Your learning story, specially since it involves B.A.S.I.C, remembers me of Golden Boy, although I don`t think you learnt on a paper keyboard 」( ̄▽ ̄」).

    Hmm I hadn't thought on it that way. I fail to see why would it be useful to leave it like this, but who knows, we can only speculate. I hope its only beeant been very busy.