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Hi there! I just happened to see that your site has some display errors in Opera. Most… - Feed Post from Kupo to beeant

Hi there!
I just happened to see that your site has some display errors in Opera. Most of it can be corrected if you just add an -o- option to the -moz- and -webkit- properties. For border-radius, don't use any prefix at all.
That should make your site visually compatible with Opera as well.

And I don't mind if you reply a little late. I know you're a little busy sometimes ;)
posted by Kupo

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  • Kupo
    Before I forget: the textbox doesn't resize in Opera and Chrome, so it's just a line high. A temporary solution would be to make it 100px in height. I couldn't find the JavaScript file responsible for it so I can't come up with another idea right now.

    PS: I can't reply in Opera and Chrome. It's telling me that loading_image is not defined. I could dereference it to array_sum not being defined in the bn.js file. I'm not sure about it, but could it be because of the function being declared after it's first call? (2 lines later)
  • beeant
    Hello Kupo,

    yes there are many things to do for all browsers compatibility.

    As for now, I have fixed the reply problem. I posted this reply using Chrome.

    As for the other problems, please wait for a while, and if you are really annoyed by those unfixed problem, you can always remind me.

    About the textbox auto-resize, I think you can always resize all textbox manually by dragging the bottom-right corner of the textbox in Chrome. Regardless of this, I will fix the auto-resize problem.

    Thank You,
  • Kupo
    Opera test.
    Thank you for fixing that :)

    Sadly resizing the textbox manually isn't possible in Opera and IE.
    It's no problem for me as I can simply use a custom CSS, but as most other's aren't able to do so it's nice to see you take it into consideration.

    PS: Replying in IE works but it spits out multiple alerts that array_sum isn't defined.