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chat - don't forget about your server's performance. It shouldn't be hard for users to use… - Feed Post from Kupo to beeant

chat - don't forget about your server's performance. It shouldn't be hard for users to use external options for that matter.

user interface - like a whole new design or adding / re-arranging menus and stuff? Because I've been thinking right now to make your current design cross browser compatible, sending you the code when it's done :P
When you plan a new design / layout I'd wait until then.

ads removal - altogether or as some kind of premium feature? Just wondering because it's an income source after all.

By the way, I donated $3 ;)
posted by Kupo

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  • beeant
    Hey, actually I need help with css. I hope that you are good at it. I'm using less. Do you know less?

    I can show you a current demo of it. It is under construction. Maybe you can fix the css.

    You can take a look at it here:
    This should be a secret, I will remove the link after you got it.

    Thank you very much for the donation :)
  • Kupo
    Got the link, I'll look into it ;)
  • Kupo
    At least I think I'm good at CSS. You can check out the website I've placed on my profile description for an example or 2 ;)

    I haven't used LESS yet, but I already heard of it. Doesn't seem any difficult to understand.

    However, for some reason I have some problems making it run locally. The LESS script doesn't seem to run.
    Normal CSS can be live edited on the client side. That's what the "compiled" LESS code is.
    Because of that I can't edit the original file with it's variables, but rather it's output with the variables inserted.

    Anyway, there don't seem to be any prefixed properties, so it should be cross-browser so far :)
    Viewed it in Opera, Firefox, Chrome and IE9.
    Thanks to IE, include this rule:
    a img {border: none}
    to remove blue borders from linked images.
    IE8 doesn't support HTML5, so it screws up a bit, so you should include HTML5 Shiv in your pages.

    But so far I have to say it looks quite boring :(
    You can do better!
    If I get creative I might think of an alternative look and show it to you^^

    And don't forget about textfield resizing! Opera and IE still don't support manual resizing :/