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I saw your comments on how to make the site better on Beeant's page and thought they sounded… - Feed Post from teapotichi to Kupo

I saw your comments on how to make the site better on Beeant's page and thought they sounded fantastic. I agree with you it does seem that we have too much of the "other stuff" and maybe wasted resources that could be used better. (Like to make our server run faster!) I kind of understand where you are coming from just from hearing my husband talk about programing. He is a Sr. System analyst programmer. He creates programs and designs stuff. You are obviously studying programming hard. I hope you can help here. That would be great for us all and probably good practice for you as well. If you come back here in the future (read all your remarks about being a lazy ass!LOL!) you could friend me! Although, I have no idea how this helps people...just talk to them I guess. Maybe get help from each other. Talk on Skype??? I am in AZ in the Mountain Standard timezone. So we don't change for Daylight savings time stuff. See ya.....maybe!
posted by teapotichi

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  • Kupo
    I just hope that beeant will be able to change at least some of those things as easy as I made it sound like. After all those are just assumptions of what I think could be realized in a less difficult way than it is at the moment. I can only judge in the users point of view as I have no idea how servers work or how they are set up.
    I'm more of a designer than an actual programmer. With design comes the question of what's needed and what could be left out in order to make the product as self-explanatory yet usable as possible. That's how I got my way of seeing things.

    I'm pretty sure I won't friend you right away. I normally require some sort of conversation before I decide if a person really is someone I'd have no problem consider a friend :P

    Anyway, thank you for that huge comment :)
  • teapotichi
    Cool. Conversate me all you want! (of course, I know that conversate is not a word!) LOL I just liked your candor and you seemed funny too. I hope he can use some ideas also. I had nothing but problems with the site yesterday. It was freezing, hanging up and just a general pain in the backside. I am going to try again today! Later.
  • Kupo
    If you wouldn't have mentioned conversate not being a word I'd really would've looked it up to check if it's some kind of slang XD
    So don't think I'd point something like that out to a native speaker (are you? at least your profile says you're from the US).

    When I read what I wrote I always think I sound like some kind of businessman. It's always fascinating to see that people aren't confused by that but I am.

    Aside from rather long loading times I didn't encounter any problems in the past. However today it took some time for me to be able to connect. I thought beeant might already be working on what I listet and broke something^^"
  • teapotichi
    I am indeed a native speaker. I speak quite a lot according to all who speak to me! (blabbermouth much!) I hope he is implementing some ideas now. I really hard a hard time that day. I used it till 4 this morning and it seemed to work fine. So maybe it depends on server load where the server is. Japan is 16 hours ahead of me here in AZ. We should conversate more often. I am not really a level 6, that just goes by the exp. points. I just practice a lot because I am old. I need more practice than you young whippersnappers. LOLZ.
  • Kupo
    I just saw that the term 'conversate' is indeed listet in the Wiktionary ;)

    Japan as just 6 hours ahead of me.

    I seem to be kinda shy or at least not that much of a talkative guy to strangers, but in fact I talk people's head off when I like them: I talk about all kind of things that happened in my life, how I think of life and why my life came into existence in the first place. I'm also quite good in confusing people when I start topic drifting.
    I'm pretty...average in school because of that. I have language skills to no end but because I can't focus on one task explicitly I happen to miss the point more often than I prefer which results in bad marks, plus I use colloquial language in written exams.

    How old is old? From your way of writing (using lol) I can't imagine you being a granny or something.

    I am not really level 3, it's just because I repeated the first lessons a whole lot (until I got 100% several times in a row). However, I still can barely even tell my name.
    Also I haven't learned any Japanese in quite a while - all learning materials I found so far got boring quite fast, this site included to be honest.

    The reason I like this site so much nonetheless is the fact that beeant is actually just a student himself, and seeing someone like that putting up such a huge project is admirable. After all those years the site exists by now he still replies to every single concern of the users, taking suggestions into account and improve the site in any possible way, all on his own. He doesn't even charge a penny for his hard work and tries to keep it that way as well as in any way possible.
    And that's why I'd like to help him so much.

    End of wall of text.
  • teapotichi
    LOL. Even being a native speaker, I swear I have never used conversate before. I see it on Dictionary.com says non-standard, except in some dialects. I just might be a smart-ass and start using it! Well I am not quite a grandma. (No grandkids!)I will turn 51yrs. in May. I have two college kids 25yr. son and my daughter is 22yrs. They both live at home. She is the main Japanese student here. I just do it for fun. We are very close and I am mom to all her friends and we all hang out together. We originally got into Japanese because of Japanese anime. I have to admit, I do love my anime, but that is not the only reason we study Japanese. We truly enjoy the culture, food, history, geography and the language as a whole. So we are not just anime geeks. She is a Asian Language Studies Major at Arizona State University starting this fall after she transfers. So I guess I get my lingo and slang from where I hang out and with all kids in the popular language culture so I pick up things they say and hear. I am a cool mom. I love how the levels are all nonsense. They just go by points! I can barely introduce myself also. I found a better site for grammar and verb conjugation called: http://ww8.tiki.ne.jp/~tmath/language/jpverbs/index.htm
    I know it is a weird site address. It is Tim Sensei's Corner. I get what you mean about drifting off topic. I have always been that way! (I am an ADD adult, I am not kidding.)
    I like beeant too. He does seem so down to earth and he has always answered posts. I hope we get the server to make it easier for him also. I donated again because I didn't think I gave enough the first time. I am really lazy tonight because I baked 5 dozen banana walnut muffins today. I am tired! Still going to write down some more vocab. Then must sleep. Conversate you later.

    End of wall post X3!!
  • Kupo
    I just figured I could've simply looked up your birthday on your profile. Silly me^^"

    My mom doesn't even touch a computer. Sounds like a good thing to most people, but it can be a little inconvenient sometimes. Once I broke my hard drive, but luckily there are programs out there for restoring "lost" data, they just do need a lot of time doing so. So I run it while I was in school and told her she should shut down the computer when she finds a winows which says that the program is finished. She didn't because she's always unsure if something might go wrong.

    I got into Japanese not only because of Anime but also because of video games. I love J-RPGs (Final Fantasy or the Tales series for example).
    However, the number one reason that finally got me started is because an art genre called Kemono (ケモノ) - animal-like creatures with human attributes - something like this:

    The link to Tim Sensei is not new to me. I learned from that site that native Japanese normally don't know about yodan and ichidan verbs right after I asked a friend about it who was indeed confused~
    However, I never noticed how incredibly easy and short he covers the lessons. I should keep on reading.

    Many people already asked me if I might have ADHD. I normally reply with "not officially". Indeed it's not approved, but sometimes I think it might very well be. It doesn't matter to me though, it's not like it makes my life any less worth living.

    I was at a friend yesterday so I needed longer than usual to reply. Just so you know ;)

    Yet another end of wall of text.
  • teapotichi
    Hey, this is fun. Now I went somewhere else that another user told me about. It is unusual. You might like it. It's called All Japanese all the time. http://www.alljapaneseallthetime.com/blog/ He is really wild and wacky. Definitely not for the easily offended or politically correct crowd. He talks about how he learned Japanese, there is lots of stuff and a new method for a flashcard program Called MCD's. It uses a program called surusu. It's free. I can't wait to start. You can put what you want into it and it tests you in a timely manner based on what you grade yourself. I ordered a kit that explains it all, unfortunately, I haven't been able to find where to look for it. I think it was supposed to go to my email, but hasn't arrived yet. I am disappointed. I think this method will be great once I get into it and find what I need to do. I feel motivated to learn more since my daughter was in a Japanese speech contest last weekend. I checked your link to deviantart.com . I have a deviantart also. Nothing much on it. Just crafts. I know about furries too. Plus the animal/human type of characters. I am a pretty well versed mom. I love some other genres of anime also. Are you really 19yrs.?? Then you probably know the genres of which I speak, without putting them in here. Like I said, I hang with a young crowd and am very open minded and quite liberal for a mom. I have a retard area however, I can't play video games. I hate to lose and I keep getting killed. I find them a waste of time. I'd rather, cross stitch, needlepoint,knit, crochet, sew, make cosplay or any other craft if I am not studying. I also have an addition----Korean drama! My secret is out. I love Korean and want to start learning that also. I have lots of stuff already. Including flashcards, books and a new site called Talk to me in Korean. I have all the lesson one and two podcasts downloaded to do. So busy, better get studying since I skipped yesterday, just by reading at that site AJATT. Man...this wall is getting full!
  • Kupo
    Oh gawd, that guy writing the articles is incredibly hilarious! That might eventually keep me motivated to read his huge amount of texts!

    I also have a deviantART account, but I haven't uploaded much. I wanted to do so much but in the end my laziness was yet again stronger than my willpower.

    I'm 18, but I'm not really sure what you mean. I had some adult material in mind, but when you say you love it it won't let me believe that any longer~

    I find it truly impressing how much you know about, let me call it "modern culture". I mean you watch anime, seem to like crazy language usage, use the internet to chat, and even know aboutz furries. I haven't seen someone your age being that used to all that.

    My mom doesn't play many games, but therefore she plays Tetris all day. I can't get how she is still being entertained by it, she plays it at least once every single day!

    Funny fact: I also want to learn Korean later on! Last year I worked as an intern in a book store. The owener even had a few Japanese books. In the 2nd week or so I found a book entitled "Lernen wir koreanisch" (Let's learn Korean). I thought that might come in handy as I used to play a lot of free to play MMORPGs, and most of those are indeed made in Korean. After I learned Hangul I quitted though, but only because I wanted to focus on Japanese as I have more use for it than Korean.

    And you are right, my comment is getting full for sure Oo
  • teapotichi
    Wonder what happens? Beeant just told me that they have in fact moved to a new server. It is less of an upgrade than he hoped for but still an upgrade. Still, I don't know if comments can be deleted or if they get old and just drop off. I do love me some modern culture. I did laugh out loud when reading some of the stuff at All Japanese all the time. I thought of you with needing a high level of entertainment to stay involved. So there is plenty to keep motivation there. I also bought the MCD starter pkg. To get that free flashcard program to teach all the stuff I want to learn. You make your own cards and put what you need to learn. Whether it is math, science, any type of language. The surusu has the ability to include complex characters from different languages. So all the kanji can be displayed as well as Arabic or Chinese.So Fun. I love to learn and study. Not your typical mom I know. I was talking about naughty anime culture. Surely you must know about yaoi. I can't help myself, so many hot looking anime guys. Dang, bad me! It's my daughters fault. They showed me several years ago, her and her friends. That's what happens when you hang with the young crowd, you know all the good and the naughty also. Internet memes, Ray William Johnson and all the good stuff. So I guess I am not like any other moms out there. I am usually one of the few moms at the anime conventions. I love Kuroshitsuji anime, so my cosplay is for Madam Red. I have been sewing it for over a year off and on. Again, my laziness and Japanese and neck surgery have gotten in the way. Christmas makes me put all my sewing away to put up the Christmas tree, so no sewing goes on till after Jan. Now the next convention is in Sept. So I have to finish by then. We are staying at the hotel that the convention is in, just about 3 city blocks from our house. That way we don't have to break our convention groove for the whole weekend. Leave husband and autistic son at home. My son who will be 25yrs. in May is autistic. So I have a lot to deal with. I guess if we fill up our comment boxes, beeant will have no choice but to delete something! See ya.
  • teapotichi
    Forgot to mention, did I tell you about Talk to me in Korean? It is for learning Korean. It is so fun. It is also free. They have little lessons and they are teachers. They explain each part of the sentence and later will introduce the writing. You said you already learned, so that part should be easy. I watch so much K- drama I just love Korean, I think even more than my Japanese. I think it is easier to understand because it is more drawn out vowel sounds than Japanese. Japanese is clipped and never slurred like English. I keep falling back to my English sounds. Sorry, to be so long. But this is so fun!!I guess I will just have to friend you and see if I am worth conversating with. LOLZ.
  • Kupo
    Beeant also has only replied to you on his comment box so far ;)

    I just tried surusu and well, it looks very very much like the beginning of the internet. I already get confused by the minimalstic design, so I don't think it's something for me. I once tried Anki but flashcards are also something that bores me quite fast. I don't need interactivity in the form of "did you know that?" >yes no, but like type the translation in myself and the computer tells me if it was correct or not. At least for the kana I found something like that: http://unckel.de/kanateacher/index-en.html

    I produce freaking innovative ideas about how to make learning things the most fun in form of games, but I never actually do something. I brainstorm to no end, actually having the result already in my head, but when I think about how to include graphics, sounds, animations, AI to a degree, controls, story, exeption handling and much more by programming some funny code I start to see stars. I can nearly touch them.
    My motivation-o-meter normally stands at 95% the first day, cools down to about 60% the next and after a week I have found 10 other things I'd like to do to put my actual go aside. You'll never get bored that way, but you'll never complete anything either~

    You watch/read yaoi!? You do what my mind forbade me to believe? I still can't believe it!
    And your the first person I meet who knows Ray William Johnson! Unbelievable!
    If I wouldn't be satisfied with my own mom I sure would like you to be mine, even though I didn't even read 10 comments of yours on my wall.
    I mean...you're cool ;D

    In about a month I will be at my first anime convention in my life! It's actually just called Japantag (Japanese Day), but a friend told me they have all kind of things anime/manga desu people would like. I just had the desire to visit one because I'd like to eventually buy some cute, actually kinda useless stuff like keychains or awesome plushies.

    You didn't told me about that Korean site, but you mentioned it and I looked it up. It looks nice and is easy to navigate, but I didn't looked at the lessons yet because I don't want to get distracted by yet another thing. So many things I'd like to do, so little time and short span motivation to actually do it~

    I'm sure beeant won't delete comments, otherwise he sure could have deletet those year old comments of mine. I don't want them there anymore anyway, but I don't have a delete button myself^^

    So many walls of texts, how in the world did I happen to write that much?
  • teapotichi
    Yeaaaa! Another anime geek in the making. You say plushies? You should see my daughters collection. I have practically every Hello Kitty ever made and she has lots of anime and video game plushies. We have pokemon too. I can't even name all the varieties of them. She is 22 and in to all the stuff you mentioned. RPG's video games etc. She left her guild on the internet in the charge of someone else because she carries 16 credit hours with Japanese. She had a guild called Fire Emblem Forever. It is still there, she just doesn't have to do much for them. We have a huge and I mean HUGE Yaoi/manga library that has filled her bookshelf and one in my room. I buy them online and at anime conventions. Yes, you can know think bad things about me. I guess I just gave up worrying about what other people think when I got, oh I guess over 40. Then it seems like, well if someone doesn't like it then just Forget them. (You know Cee-Lo version). I experienced the surusu card thing today. I added some cards that I actually paid for. I already ordered my refund. The cards were $15.00, waiting for my refund. They were crap. Then I found out how to add content from other places. It might be helpful. It leaves blanks and you are supposed to fill in the blank. I am not sure at this point, but maybe. It frustrated the hell out of me today and consequently, I got no actual work done. It's kind of like Anki, except Anki does not leave blank parts to be guessed that is on the back. So this might be more of a game. It is supposed to be fun and not just flashcards. I want to amp. up my learning and was looking for way to jump start again. So looking around that AJATT site I found a few links like: http://thejapanesepage.com/
    and http://www.guidetojapanese.org/learn/ And the coolest thing I found is a new add in for Firefox. It is an upgrade from Raichan called Rikaisama. It is language tool that you hover over any Japanese text and it brings up a dialog box and tells you all the things it can be. It has a new feature to speak the word out loud, that it never had before. It is great to figure out what someone is saying or text somewhere. I want to use the Surusu for Korean language also. You can keep different languages in different testing decks. I know what you mean by distraction, you forget, I am a master at my age. I went to check if my Hello Kitty pic. are on my deviant art page and I forgot I was writing and was there for over an hour! You should talk to my daughter about that game stuff. You write well, so you probably speak English well correct? Plus she speaks Japanese. Now we are friends I see you accepted my request. There has got to be a way to talk closer to real time. We are going to force Beeant to make a delete button for old messages! LOL