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Hi! How's it going? I have been lazy and not even on the computer. I know...right? I can't believe… - Feed Post from teapotichi to Kupo

Hi! How's it going? I have been lazy and not even on the computer. I know...right? I can't believe it either. I just use my Kindle or go buy more books....I guess I did use the computer after all. I don't even turn on my Skype. It's already 2am. guess I should go to bed since I am not even studying! What you been up to? Do you get out of school for summer? Do you have to work a job? I never asked about that or your family. I told you all kinds of stuff and forgot to question you! I see how you are! LOL I only found out that there is only one girl in your whole class! We should actually talk face to face so I can see who I am dealing with! It helps to have a person to go with the details. I am a visual learner. That's why I hate books that just want to teach using audio only. I have to have some words to follow along with. It seems to cement it better in the memory to read and write content rather than just let it run into your ear....and apparently right out the other side. LOL.What do you think? Are you a visual learner? Sometimes I look at things in stores or displays and check it out and think, I can make this for less money, or how did they do that? If I can see or touch or look inside of things to see how it is done, I can usually copy it or improve it. Do you like to do that also? I would think programming would need a lot of attention to detail and visual skills. My visuals are getting tired since it's 2am. Better sleep. We have Cinco De Mayo (it means the 5th of May) here on どようび so we are going out to eat Mexican food. Then にちようび。 we are seeing The Avengers movie! Looks like no Japanese studying for several days! LOL See ya!
posted by teapotichi

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  • Kupo
    I haven't done much. Currently am playing a game with a friend.

    I'll have summer vacation, 6 whole weeks to do something in which I most certainly won't do something. Hooray for laziness!

    Well, I normally don't really like to talk about personal things. Not like I'm embarrassed about my family or anything I do, it's just that I like privacy to a maximum degree. So you won't see me in the near future. I don't even own a webcam. No, I won't buy one only for that purpose.

    I'm also a visual learner, that's why I prefer video tutorials on YouTube and normally try to avoid books when I want to learn something new.

    I often happen to see people on art sites doing commissions, so doing artwork for payment. Many people actually aren't THAT good, but for some reason they CAN sell stuff. Personally I'd never buy something like that, not only because it costs money in the first place.
    Yeah yeah, I have to spend money to get something, but I don't think that the world always works that way, and that's good in my oppinion.
  • teapotichi
    I didn't mean to pressure you about talking about personal stuff, just thought, more stuff to talk about and the like. Maybe we will talk later after your laziness break! LOL. See ya.