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Hi pinguina, now when you say level, you mean when there is a level next to your name? Like mine… - Feed Post from teapotichi to pinguina

Hi pinguina, now when you say level, you mean when there is a level next to your name? Like mine says level 6? Well that is deceiving. I think that number just goes by the points that you score on the experience points. i have a lot of experience points because I practice a lot. I have not completed all the levels to level 6. Now, for completion of each level. I write all my vocab. words and all the symbols, kanji and hiragana down with all associated words in the list. Then take the test, then you can either go to the practice window and set all the levels that you know, (in the settings little button) then practice the words, OR just move on to the next list. How long each level takes depends on how much you practice and how many test you take. I can read and write both katakana and hiragana and some kanji. I am very low on the kanji learning. I write all those and associated words also. Plus I look them up and learn the proper writing technique for each. You don't have to worry about that right away. I have been studying for about 2 years and still can't make proper sentences. However, I just learn by myself and some help from my daughter who is a college student of Japanese. I just do it for fun and maybe go to Japan with my daughter, since she wants to live there to teach or something like that. If you have further questions or want to know something just either message me here or contact me through skype. My screen name for skype is Teapotichi. Just let me know who you are if you friend request me. I will be glad to study with you or help you with references or other sites for help. I have a great one for grammar. If you are in the UK you are probably 8 hours ahead of me here in AZ.
posted by teapotichi