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Hey I checked your link for kana. I can read and have flashcards that came out of the Hiragana and… - Feed Post from teapotichi to Kupo

Hey I checked your link for kana. I can read and have flashcards that came out of the Hiragana and Katakana book. You can't read kana? There is lots of practice on the web for that. Jessica, my daughter, will tell you a video game place to play in Japanese, and a little game that is in Japanese online also. Plus we have so many pages of places and links it gets crazy here. Between me searching the web and what she finds out at school and friends we can't even keep up. She even plays Pokemon in Japanese on, I think, a DS something. Her username is Magegirlnino, again that is from some video game. So if she comments on your page, that is who it is.
posted by teapotichi

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  • Kupo
    walls Walls WALLS OF TEXT!!!

    Credit hours?

    I never played Fire Emblem before even though I wanted to, at least testing it. I don't play tactic-RPGs that much because the battles there take sooo long~
    That doesn't mean I dislike them though, I love Disgaea for instance.
    However, I haven't played a MMOs in quite a while. They are time consuming and after I don't feel like playing them anymore I think how much better I could've invested that time (as I normally don't make friends because I barely talk to anyone^^")

    Yes, I do think of you being crazy because of your manga collection.
    "What we need are a few crazy people; look at what we have reached with the normal ones." --George Bernard Shaw
    I love that quote.

    I normally don't buy anything but food. I try to only use freely available music or programs and stuff. I'm stingy if you want.

    I used Rikaichan way back when I started to learn Japanese. It's awesome, but nowadays I mainly use Opera. It's not like I browse Japanese sites often so I don't really need it anyway. But thanks for the update, I will make sure to use it when I start actively learning again.

    I wouldn't say I can speak English as well as I write it. When writing those comments I have time to think about how to write it. I normally need an hour to answer because I want everything to be correct~
    However, the few times I've been writing in a chat I encountered a huge amount of errors because I don't want the others to wait.
    I'd love to have someone to chat with in English. I only have German speaking friends and they don't want to talk in English :|

    I can read kana, even now after I haven't been practicing them for some time.

    I also have a Japanese version of Pokemon as well as of some other games like Zelda and I even have My Japanese Coach and a dictionary on my DS ;)
    You could call it the main source for my Japanese stuff, but as I don't leave the house that often I don't make much use of it~
  • teapotichi
    Yes, my daughter takes 16 credit hours in college. She is kind of busy. She is supposed to transfer to the University of Arizona in the Fall, but today we found out that the financial aid she can get is not enough to even pay for 2 classes. So now we have to figure some stuff out for money. She is absolutely crazy busy right now for finals and papers due. I checked that site some more and found another button to push to test kanji. That was fun and you can select for grade level. What do you mean you don't talk to people?? One does not have to be perfect or fast to speak. OK, I admit I speak like 100 miles per hour, but can slow down if repeatedly reminded. You know, ADD, I forget that everyone's mind does not fly like mine. I do speak English very well however. Language is my thing. That's another reason I love Japanese and want to learn Korean. I type lightning fast too and am even watching a basketball game my son has on the tv while typing, since I don't need to look at the keys to type. Can you say multitasking....ADD! LOL I did get all my money back from the All Japanese all the time site for the sentence package and the information package that I paid for. That was a huge relief, I felt so ripped off. Now I am going to order the Kanji poster for the wall. I clicked on it because it said "one kanji poster to rule them all" seeing the Pokemon reference, I had to go see what it was about. We have been pokemon people here since the kids were little.We have to Japonify our surroundings with the huge kanji poster. We already have kanji in pictures on the walls and lots of other stuff also. I have a display of teapot, which I collect, and Japanese women statues on the top of my bookshelf next to my chair where I live when not in my bed. I have a huge recliner chair that I use my laptop in and do Japanese till all hours of the morning. I went to bed at 5am this morning. Now it is almost 10pm and I haven't done any Japanese, since I was busy with laundry and chores and dinner. We should talk so you can practice English. You are in Germany right? I checked the time difference from here , it is only 9 hours ahead of me. We should be able to plan something. Let me know what your schedule looks like. Are you still a high school student, Or are you college student? 9 hours should not be bad.Dang, I am making your wall look like the Great Wall of China!LOL
  • Kupo
    I never heard of credit hours before. I just googled it and found out that it's something we don't really use over here.

    I don't really start a conversation with strangers in MMOs. I mostly only reply when I get talked to by others. That's what I mean with I normally don't talk.

    Sometimes I also try to write without looking at my keyboard, but I make a lot of typos then. That's normal, I know.
    Actually I wouldn't have much use of it as I don't have anything else in my room I could pay attention to, but I still try it, just because I don't have anything better to do at times~

    I'm relieved to hear you got your money back. 15 bucks are already a lot of money, at least from my point of view.
    I also saw the Kanji poster. The mascot is cute, but it surely wouldn't keep me motivated, just like about everything else~

    There's nothing I'd like to collect. A few years ago I collected keyrings for no appearent reason. Chained together it's about a meter long.
    However, I did see things I totally want to have - I need! Like a figure from this dude: http://www.ac.auone-net.jp/~kedamono/bb.html
    Once I saw him seeling one of those over at ebay for a few hundred dollars. It's like a crazy amount of money, and I know I said I barely buy anything, but I would buy one of those for sure!

    Yes, I do live in Germany, and you got the correct time zone. I normally am online from 2/3pm to midnight. That would be 5/6am to 3pm in Arizona.

    Well, the school system in Germany isn't really the same as in the US, but I'd say high school. School systems are confusing in general in my oppinion.
  • teapotichi
    Can you say furries??? Those things are seriously crazy. Kind of creepy. You don't need one of those. They will just sit around in your room and collect dust. Then when you want to play with them and take crazy sexually intended pictures (like those in the pictures were posed) they will make you sneeze and feel dirty. I finally came on the internet during the day. I normally have too much to do and don't come on till after dinnertime. Then you are in bed. So now, I think I will go turn on the Skype. My skype name is Teapotichi. We could talk, even if it takes you time to form sentences. How are you going to learn?? Come on.....you can do it. I swear we will have fun and no I am not a pervert! I have witnesses, both my kids are home.
  • teapotichi
    My daughter just told me what you kupo is. I thought it was just a cute cartoon figure!
  • Kupo
    I know I wouldn't have any use for it. I'm not the only one buying something only for the purpose of it collecting dust.
    My mother collects dolls. Friends always say it's really weird to go into the living room when there are about 50 pairs of eyes starring at you.
    I've seen way creepier stuff than those figures, and it doesn't always need to have a perverted background. Just saying :P

    And yep, Kupo isn't a creature, it's just a sound ;)
  • teapotichi
    Hey, just saw your Skype commRent, Hope you are kidding. Yes, I think I would prefer the furry little creatures rather than eyes staring at me. At least with my miniature teapots, there are no eyes. I have been lazy since I got my Birthday present early. I got a new Kindle Touch 3G. I love it. I already put lots of books on it. I transferred music from my computer, I downloaded pod casts I paid for, in learning Korean. Just so much fun, I can't stop. Wish I could find something to listen to for instruction that I could actually stand in Japanese. I got my Kindle on the 25th of April then the next day was my 26th Anniversary. I don't turn 51 till May though. I still refuse to get old though. So I have been goofing off and not learning anything. My daughter has been crazy busy with finals and research papers and projects. So I have been having lots more chores that she doesn't have time for. I hate to admit it, but it is hard on my old body! (LOL.....I didn't say that!)ROFL. I have a lot of spinal problems and osteoporosis. I had surgery on my back and 3 different surgeries on my neck. I just got a new disk in my neck in Oct. It's pretty good, but now my back is screwed up again. Sucks to get old. Talk to me later K??
  • Kupo
    It's just a band name, so no worries.

    My friend also has a Kindle with a bunch of programming books on it. When I want to learn a programming language I can always ask him. Convenient.

    For some reason reading about working on the human body makes me feel weird. Just saying~